Mar 19, 2011

NextGen Env WIP - Texture Samples

The following are sets of NextGen textures I made intended for a personal project that I started last February during my free time. Each texture set contains a diffuse map, normal map, specular map and a height map, with a resolution of 512x512, authored from 1024x1024. Each set can be tiled seamlessly across any direction.

All textures are hand painted/sculpted in 3D, with no use of photographs other than a bit of help in color variation. Zbrush was used for sculpting the details and laying them out in 2.5D and Photoshop was used to composite and paint the colors in. Height maps that are included in every set will be utilized in order to blend two textures into one shader, which will be presented in future posts.

Maya Hardware renders:

Below is a Playblast flythrough with a moving point light to showcase normal map strengths: