Mar 22, 2011

NextGen Env WIP - Modeling Progress Sample (UPDATED March 30)

Below is a screenshot of the first day of modeling progress. This small environment  mesh will make use of only the textures I have at the moment, to conserve time and texture memory budget as I import it in a game engine as a final product. A few additional polygon cuts are already evident in the models, to make way for vertex blending in the future as well.

UV mapping is also being done along with the modeling as a good practice, to avoid consuming more time in mapping them later as the model becomes more complex. This method also lets you see how the model will basically look with the textures applied since it is already shown with correct proportions.

More detail and meshes can be expected in the upcoming posts.

Maya Hardware Playblast Turntable:

Vertex Blend Shader courtesy of Jeiel Aranal (